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A Tasmanian actor with a deep, rich, masculine voice. A student of world history, foreign cultures and languages; fluent in Japanese and conversant in several others. With an ear for both regional and foreign accents, dialects and spoken nuance, his characterization ability is deemed exceptional by peers and fans alike.

Since a young age he has been involved in performing arts and theatre, both academically and as a hobby. Before attending University, he spent a gap year in Transylvania (Romania) as an English Teacher for Adults where he was also involved with local television advertising. After graduating with Honours, he lived and worked for 5 years in rural and metropolitan Japan as an English Teacher for kindergarten and pre-school children, as well as reading children's books in English for local radio.

My passion is making stories come to life.
I record, edit and master my own work to industry standards and provide complete, ready to use voice files.
Feel free to contact me.
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  • Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia